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Capt. Lynn Smith, full-time texas mid coast saltwater fishing guide.

John Frankson, fishing guide in Port O'Connor, Texas.

Matagorda peninsula is fifty-one miles long and is crossed at midpoint by the Colorado River. Brown Cedar Cut, at the northeast end of the peninsula, connects East Matagorda Bay with the Gulf. Pass Cavallo, at its south end, provides access to Matagorda Bay. The peninsula is a strip of land that separates the Gulf of Mexico from East Matagorda and Matagorda bays. The new recently made ship channel cut through the peninsula in 1961-1964 now gives the name Matagorda peninsula a whole new meaning, being Matagorda peninsula islands and is accessed by boat or aircraft only.

The most frequently hunted specie in the area are Ducks, Geese, Dove, Quail. The extensive bay systems around this land provides for some of the most abundant Red Fish, Trout and Flounders on the Texas Gulf Coast!!

Beachcombing takes on a whole new meaning on these unspoiled beaches. You would be amazed what gets dug up, uncovered and washes up on the shore lines. Since the peninsula has a rich history of past events, people have been known to find artifacts such as coins, gold and silver bars (from historical shipwrecks), The Belle is one of the most important shipwrecks ever discovered in North America and produced an amazing array of finds, including the hull of the ship, three bronze cannons, thousands of glass beads, bronze hawk bells, pottery and even the skeleton of a crew member. They have also found Karankawa Indian artifacts such as tools made from stone, wood, bone, sea shells and cane, knives, scrapers, arrow and spear points made of flint and chert stone. You can even find civil war artifacts from the battles that occurred on December 29, 1863, and January 21-25, 1864.

Surfers sometime refer to this area as " Gorda " for some of the GulfCoast 's best waves. With sandbars stretching up and down coast it makes it an ideal area to surf. Swimming is more prevalent on the north side of the peninsula due to less current and shallower water. With more than 5735 acres to explore you will never run out of things to see or do. There are very few roads on the peninsula with multiple hiking and recreational vehicle trails leading every which way. The peninsula offers a great place to go camping with an island atmosphere.

Port O'Connor, Texas is the closest point of access to the Matagorda Peninsula by boat. Port O’Connor offers many amenities including but not limited to facilities with motels, restaurants, grocery stores, lounges, gift shops, seafood markets, auto and boat parts and repair, RV parks, hardware stores, marinas, condos, fishing and hunting supplies, charters and guides.

Matagorda peninsula climate is sub-tropical. The average temperature is 32º C (90º F) in July and 9º C (48º F) in January, with an overall yearly average of 21º C (70º F) There are usually over 200 days of sunshine annually. Average annual rainfall is 107 cm. (42 in.) (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 2002). Hurricanes are an infrequent event, but unavoidable when they do happen.

Points of interest: You receive a Warranty Deed. Ownership gives you access to 5735+ acres of undivided interest with unlimited activities. You can do what you like, including build a home after choosing a site that’s right for you. Through common courtesy, Your structure is considered private and is off limits to everyone else. Most cell phone service providers and dish network includes coverage at the peninsula. Electricity: Individual Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Generators, Propane. Water: Individual Wells, rain systems, or bottled. Septic: Individual Septic Systems.

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The red lines on the map below depict the general location of the 5735+ acres.



This one of my favorite pics of one of our frequent visitors in this Beautiful Vintage Plane.


Matagorda Peninsula Army Airfield (72TA)

On July 30, 1941, the United States Army declared its eminent domain over the area. This former Military airfield (72TA) was built during the beginning of WW2 in 1941 and used through 1945. It was closed by the military after that and returned to the family on December28, 1945. (72TA) Airfield was once home for nearly 2 years for the most decorated pilot of World War ll Major Richard Bong America's "Ace of Aces" nickname (Dick) (September 24, 1920 – August 6, 1945). As all the pilots waited at (72TA) airfield with their eyes and ears toward the heavens they began to hear the Hummer the brand new P- 38 which Major Bong was flying in straight from the factory he had are ready had his girlfriend Marge’s beautiful face and 27 zero kills painted on each side of the plane as Major Richard Bong arrived and walked into the crowd of his fellow pilot's he had his shirt unbuttoned and his cap In one pocket and his tie in the other, almost dragging the ground he was there to enjoy the beach and the gulf of the historical Matagorda Peninsula where Texas began. This airfield was once used by Dick Slayton & other former astronauts in a private (commercial) space venture in the late 1960s/1970s. Several attempts to launch kerosene/liquid oxygen vehicles were made there, none of which succeeded. The site was also one of the early NASA considerations for a launch site before they settled on Cape Canaveral.




72TA Airfield Coordinates

 28°27'31.00"N / 96°17'31.00"W (Located 06 miles W of Port O'Connor, Texas)





Legal description

Allen/Green/Tilley/Decrow AB 110/141/165/395 .017436% *Undivided Interest* $2500.00 per 1/4 acre


Matagorda County, Texas

Peninsula Size

+/- 5735.35 Acres, (249,831,846 sq.) ft.

Acreage -sizes

1/4 Acre(10,8901 sq. ft)


No limit to what you build


Warranty Deed


Most cell phone “Service Providers” includes coverage at the peninsula.


Individual Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Generators, Propane


Individual Wells, rain systems, or bottled


Individual Septic Systems









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